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Elder fighters fights for you

Our legal and medical experts provide the oversight needed to protect your assets and ensure you receive the best care possible.


Planning at its best

Coordinated Medical, Financial, Medicaid, & Asset protections

As we age, our chances of suffering an illness that impacts our ability to continue overseeing our own care and assets increases. Unfortunately, family members are not always the best protectors of our well-being. The team of experts at Elder Fighters provides the oversight lacking in traditional financial and legal planning to ensure you get the care you want and deserve while protecting the assets you worked so hard to earn.

Basic Membership

Our Basic Membership gives you monthly access to an Elder Fighters Advocate to help you ask the right questions while you work with your own financial planner and/or lawyer. It also gets you discoutned rates if you decide to work with one of the experts in our network.

Enhanced membership

This mid-level membership gives you face-to-face meeting and planning time with your Elder Fighters Advocate, discounts on our network of providers, and our Elder Fighters support materials to help you avoid elder abuse, &maintain your autonomy for as long as possible.

VIP Membership

This level of membership includes all the protections of the Enhanced level, while allowing you to add additional services such as active advocacy when a problem occurs or environmental and physical monitoring to prevent and/or document abuses.


all your legal and financial documents coordinated

Even if you've worked with an estate planning lawyer and financial advisor for years, chances are there are gaps. By examining all documents together, our experts find gaps and make recommendations to secure them one step further.


Individualized Plans for Each Client

Everyone's health and finances create a tapestry unique to them. Our team takes the time to learn your situation, needs, hopes, and fears in order to make an individualized, comprehensive plan for the best outcomes no matter the situation.


Committed Team of Experts fight only for you

Our team combines the best legal, medical, and financial minds who work together to create a comprehensive plan and oversight system that works for you and only you. We're your voice and eyes with family, doctors, nursing homes, and more.


Motivated by compassion, not Profits

Our team signs strict contracts forbidding them from trying to sell clients products or services for the sake of profit. They are obligated to recommend only those that make sense for you and your unique situation.

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A team of expert Medicaid, legal, & financial planning experts fight for you

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