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Preserve Your Financial Legacy

Protecting your assets as you age involves more than simply putting a will or trust in place.  The Asset Protect Advisors at Elder Fighters understand how to ensure your assets are protected from nursing home or memory care facility costs. You’ve worked hard your entire life; don’t let a nursing home deplete your financial legacy. Work with Elder Fighters to protect it.

Protect Your Home

Your home is one of your largest assets. Without proper asset protection planning, you risk losing it to nursing home costs. Elder Fighters can help you establish a plan to keep your home worth up to $600k while getting the government to help pay for your assisted living costs.

Get the Care you need

Few of us have the $6,000 to $10,000 per month to pay for nursing home or memory care if we need it. Some sell their home to meet these expense, while others never get the care they need. Elder Fighters can show you how to get excellent care, without selling your home or facing bankruptcy.

Preserve Your Legacy

You’ve worked hard throughout your life to provide for your family. You deserve to pass on the wealth you’ve accumulated to give them the security you desire for them. A major illness or injury, however, can quickly spend through your assets if you don’t have a plan in place beyond a will or trust.


Comprehensive Planning

Even if you've worked with an estate planning lawyer and financial advisor for years, chances are there are gaps. By examining all documents together, our asset protection experts find areas that may leave your home or other assets at risk and help you close those gaps.


Individualized Plans

Everyone's health and finances create a tapestry unique to them. Our team of asset protection experts takes the time to learn your situation, needs, hopes, and fears in order to make an individualized, comprehensive plan for the best outcomes no matter the situation.


We Work Only For You

Many nursing home finder and senior advising companies really work for nursing homes; they get paid per client they place in a facility. At Elder Fighters, we don't accept any kickbacks or incentives from nursing facilities. We work only for your and your best interests, striving to help you protect your generational wealth.


Strict Company Ethics

Our team signs strict contracts forbidding them from trying to sell clients products or services for the sake of profit. They are obligated to recommend only those that make sense for you and your unique situation.

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