About Us

Why We Do What We Do
Senior could looks and smiles with Certified Medicaid Planner for early Medicaid Planning Near Cleveland with Elder Fighters

Fighting for Ohio Seniors & Their Best Future

Protecting Your Comfort, Your Dignity, & Your Assets

The Elder Fighters team members have faced the difficult decisions a family must make as a loved one ages and needs long-term care. 

When our founder, Tom Jenkins, first needed to help his aging parents in 2010 find a nursing care facility and make sure all their wishes and assets were protected, he quickly became overwhelmed.  

Save Family Conflict & Precious Tims

While Tom was focused on getting his parents top-notch care, his parents were more concerned about protecting their legacy that they had worked so hard for. This conflict wasted precious time–but it didn’t have to.

Out of this experience and new-found knowledge, Tom became passionate about helping other seniors and their families meet all their needs and priorities through proper planning.

Protecting Your Legacy

Certified Medicaid Planning & long Term Care Planning

The expert eldercare planners at Elder Fighters know that Tom’s situation is not unique.  Every day, Ohio families struggle trying to figure out how to get seniors they love the quality of care they desire, while also honoring their oved one’s wishes to protect their assets.

At Elder Fighters, we help families accomplish both as much as possible.  With proper expert long-term care planning and Medicaid planning, we help you consider all your options and create a legal and medical plan that protects your legacy.

Our Qualifications

Our expertise extends far beyond personal experience.  The team at Elder Fighters has invested hundreds of hours into additional trainings and certifications to help families navigate complex medical and legal considerations when creating a long-term care plan. 

Elder Fighters team members also remain members in good standing of the Society for Life Resource Planning.

Of course, our biggest accomplishment is helping countless families in Northeast Ohio navigate these complex waters.