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Develop a solid Asset Protection Strategy

Protecting your assets as you age involves more than simply creating a will and/or trust. Comprehensive planning needs to also consider how you’ll pay for nursing home, long-term care, or dementia care costs should you need them as you age.

Without a comprehensive asset protection plan in place, you risk losing your home and all the wealth you’ve worked hard to achieve to these care costs. Furthermore, once Medicaid gets involved, the potential of five-year look back penalties and recouping fees also threaten your assets. 

Working with a professional asset protection advisor at Elder Fighters helps you plan for any possibility and ensure you keep up to a $600,000k home and $300,000 in additional assets to pass onto your family.

Who Can Benefit from Asset Protection Planning

If you have at least $2000 in assets, some form of asset protection plan is advisable. Those with $15,000 or more in assets will greatly benefit from working with one of Elder Fighters’ asset protection advisors. 

What is an Asset Protection Advisor?

An Expert Helping You Plan for Your Future

An Asset Protection Advisor is an expert who understands how to coordinate your estate, medical, and financial plans to protect your generational wealth from nursing home bankruptcy and Medicaid penalties. 

The team at Elder Fighters exceeds all requirements for senior planning services, and offer over 20 years of experience helping seniors manage their Medicaid, estate, and medical planning.

How Much Does Asset Protection Planning Cost?

On average, a comprehensive asset protection strategy from Elder Fighters costs less than the price of one month’s long-term care in a nursing home. The total cost, though, greatly depends on the individual’s unique situation and the depth of planning required. While some simply want help with a Medicaid spend-down plan, others require a more comprehensive approach that includes legal, medical, and financial planning to ensure the best outcomes possible. 

You can rest assured, however, that you’ll know your cost up-front before you sign any contrac with Elder Fighters.  And our advisors will never try to sell you a product or service for their profit. They work for you, and their pricing transparency keeps that focus clear.

Lack of Planning Costs More

The cost of not planning, in contrast, typically costs thousands in lost assets. In addition, without full legal, financial, and medical plans in place, you stand to lose more than just money–you lose options. You risk losing right voice in choosing where you live, who cares for you, and what happens to your home and other assets. In short, not taking advantage of comprehensive asset protection planning services with Elder Fighters robs you of choices and peace of mind that you’re prepared and protected, no matter what unexpected life events may occur.