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Dementia Care Planning Near Cleveland

Protect Your Wishes & Assets with Dementia Care Planning

Diagnosis of dementia and Alzheimer’s are always challenging.  There is no guarantee how rapidly the condition will develop, so it’s best to have a contingency plan in place should you ever face the unfathomable yourself. For those with a family history of dementia, planning before a diagnosis makes sense. 

Early dementia care planning is the only way to ensure that you have a plan in place to protect your assets from increasing medical costs.  Perhaps even more important, such planning is the only way to ensure your voice and wishes are honored even when you can no longer advocate for yourself. T

Who Can Benefit from Dementia Planning

As our population continues to live longer the number of dementia diagnoses continue to rise.  You can the best benefits from dementia planning by planning before an official diagnosis is made. Dementia care planning benefits the person and their loved ones by removing doubt and conflict as to how medical and financial decisions should be made. That’s where Elder Fighters excels. We help you answer all the tough questions and plan for a myriad of possibilities and act as your advocate when you no longer can. 

What is Early Dementia Care Planning?

Protection for your voice, assets, & peace of Mind

Early dementia care planning involves working with a team of legal, financial, and medical experts who customize a protective plan that meets your unique situation. Together, these experts draft plans that prioritize your voice in all matters in case a time comes when you cannot advocate for yourself. In addition, they go beyond traditional estate and trust planning to protect your assets with further considerations like Medicaid planning and caregiver instructions and limitations. The team of experts at Elder Fighters leaves no stone unturned when helping you draft a comprehensive dementia care plan.

How Much Does Dementia Care Planning Cost?

Typically speaking, the cost of dementia care planning near Cleveland depends upon an individual’s unique circumstances.  For those looking for basic documents like wills, trusts, and medical directives, the cost compares to paying an elder law attorney. 

For those who want more extensive planning–plans that include Medicaid planning, caregiver oversight and limitations, and complex estate protection, the cost becomes more. At Elder Fighters, we have all experts under one roof which greatly reduces the time and expense of managing each part of the plan separately. We also minimize costs by only offering the level of planning needed for your financial and medical requirements.

The Cost of Not Planning

Unfortunately, when dementia or Alzheimer’s progresses, a person can quickly lose their voice.  Others often jump in to make decisions for them. Without a plan in place, these voices will be heard over your own as medical professionals and loved ones believe you’re no longer to make sound decisions for yourself. Thus, avoiding dementia care planning can cost you your  voice in how your medical and financial decisions are handled.

Also, with Ohio Medicaid requirements and lookbacks, not having a solid financial plan in place puts you at risk of losing your home and other assets you’ve worked so hard to get. At Elder Fighters, we believe you deserve to have your voice and your assets protected.

Dementia Care Planning Protects Loved Ones, too

The medical costs of caring for a loved on with dementia or Alzheimer’s continue to rise every year. The other cost rarely discussed in the emotional cost to caregivers.  Adult children and spouses lovingly want to care for their loved one suffering from dementia, but the system is exhausting and overwhelming to navigate. As a result, they quickly can feel emotionally drained and guilty for not providing better care, and the stress of making life-altering decisions for another is daunting.

Early dementia care planning helps alleviate a significant amount of the emotional cost for caregivers by giving them a clear plan to follow.  They no longer have to make hard decisions; rather, they simply have to follow the plan. As a result, they feel empowered in knowing that they are doing exactly as their loved one wishes. They also can spend more time focusing on spending quality time with their loved one, instead of fretful hours with doctors and lawyers trying to decide in the middle of a crisis what action to take.

Start Your Dementia Planning Today

Many people wait until a crisis or diagnosis is made before they seek out help. However, early dementia planning is the key to the best outcomes for your and your loved ones. If dementia never strikes, your planning is not wasted! The expert legal, medical, and financial planners at Elder Fighters know how to draft plans that consider all scenarios–even the best case ones! With such comprehensive planning, you and your loved ones can rest assured you’re covered no matter what does–or doesn’t–strike!

All dementia planning services start with a free phone consultation to determine if our services are right for you. There is no risk and no obligation.  Our compassionate, knowledgeable team is ready to help you protect your voice and assets.